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 ."Tunggu" is Fauzie Laily's debut EP album after 12 years and is scheduled for release on September 2017. The first single,also titled Tunggu, was written by Fauzie (produced by Universal Music's Amir Masoh) as he shares about a huge loss in his and his wife's lives. The song focuses not only on the struggles, but also the positive dreams and continued aspirations as they go through life. Fauzie wishes to share his perspective on a certain taboo issue that's not spoken of by many. In life, so many of us has waited, are waiting and are still waiting. Tunggu is a song for them and for you.

Pulang is the second single and is an upbeat take on Fauzie's journey in music and life. Showcasing his versatility, the song has a touch of Malay instrumentations and sounds added to its folk arrangement, making it relatable to his audience. Most importantly, it tells of Fauzie's definition of what home is to him. Not a physical place, but a feeling that he wants to share with the world. No matter where you go in life, you keep coming..home.